Windgoo F22 Pro

  • Windgoo F22 Pro
  • Hub Motor


  • Top Speed


  • Payload Capacity

    120 kg | 264 lbs

  • Rider height


  • Riding style

    Pedal-assist | Pure electric

  • Brake system

    Double disc brakes front and rear, mechanical brakes

  • Lighting system

    Front: Standard LED
    Rear: Integrated taillight with brake light

  • Waterproof performance


  • Smart app


  • Cruise control


  • Gearbox


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Windgoo F22 Pro

About F22 Pro

Experience the ultimate convenience and freedom with the F22 Pro Electric Bike. Its lightweight and foldable aluminum frame make it easy to take anywhere. Compared with F21 Pro, F22 Pro has better sports performance. The F22 Pro removable battery is hidden in the crossmember, which can effectively avoid collisions in off-road, and the added shock absorbers under the rear seat can improve the comfort of the seat.

F22 Pro Foldable Off-road E-Bike

Excellent sports performance

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Why choose Windgoo F22 Pro?


Powerful fat tire e- bike

Windgoo F22 Pro fat tire e-bike is designed for outdoor sports. With the 4 inches fat tire and Shimano 7-speed shifter, it performs well on various unpredictable roads, no matter whether sandy roads, gravel trails, or wet snowy roads.

The rated 250W 48V brushless DC motor supplies strong electric power when you ride uphill. The max speed is 25km/h due to the EU legislation.


Superb shock- absorbing suspension system

Its front oil hydraulic suspension and back spring suspension play a crucial role in improving maximum riding comfort by minimizing the transfer of shocks and vibrations to the rider.

By mitigating the effects of rough terrain, the suspension systems create a smoother and more enjoyable cycling experience, no matter whether you’re tackling technical sections, climbing steep inclines, or cruising through flat gravel paths.


Detachable battery

Windgoo F22 Pro e-bike has a detachable battery. You need to unfold it and unlock the battery for charge. With the 600Wh battery capacity, it supports 60~70km electric-assisted riding range.

If the battery runs out, you can still cycle with Shimano 7-speed shifter.


Reliable structure and safe ride

The overall e-bike is made of anti-rust aluminum alloy. You can fold it into your caravan/mobile home for outdoor camping travel, with a folding size of 900*600*800mm

Windgoo F22 Pro e-bike features dual disc brakes and bright front light for riding safety.


Smart APP Control

By connecting the “Windgoo Smart” APP via Bluetooth on your phone, you can easily check the vehicle speed, vehicle mileage, and adjust speed levels through the APP, also quickly checkup vehicle detect faults & riding record. The Bluetooth system is compatible with Android and iOS.

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What’s in the box?



Product manual

About the F22 Pro electric bike

Product specification


Folding Size: 900x600x800mm

Unfold Size: 1800x650x1200mm


20×4.0 inch


33KG | 72.8 lbs


48V*12.5Ah lithium battery | 6.5H per charging


60-70 km

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