Windgoo F21 Pro

  • Windgoo F21 Pro
  • Hub Motor


  • Top Speed


  • Payload Capacity

    120 kg | 264 lbs

  • Rider height


  • Riding style

    Pedal-assist | Pure electric

  • Brake system

    Double disc brakes front and rear, mechanical brakes

  • Lighting system

    Front: Standard LED
    Rear: Integrated taillight with brake light

  • Waterproof performance


  • Smart app


  • Cruise control


  • Gearbox


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Windgoo F21 Pro

About F21 Pro

Experience the ultimate convenience and performance with the F21 Pro Electric Bike. Its lightweight and foldable aluminum frame make it perfect for commuting or traveling. The powerful 250W geared hub motor allows you to reach a top speed of 25 km/h, while the long-lasting 48V 12.5Ah lithium-ion battery provides a range of 60-70 km per charge. With its sleek design and impressive features, this electric bike is a game-changer for urban transportation.

F21 Pro Foldable Fat Tire E-Bike

Commuting and off-roading

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Why choose Windgoo F21 Pro?

Commuting folding e- bike

Windgoo F21 Pro is designed for daily commuting, made of anti-rust aluminum alloy,at the weight of 29.5kg. Considering its IP54 waterproof performance, you can ride on the rainy days(not heavy rain) for daily life.

You can also totally fold the bike frame, handlebar and seat to fit your car, with the folding size of 970*500*760mm

Three riding modes

Pure Electric Mode

Once you assemble the grip throttle, you press the throttle and you’ll feel the motor kick in to propel you forward.

Electric-Assisted Mode

You turn on the power, and get extra electric assistance as you pedal, with a range of 25~30 km.


Power off or when the battery runs out, you can pedal as normal cycling.

“Windgoo Smart” app

By connecting the “Windgoo Smart” APP via Bluetooth on your phone, you can easily check the vehicle speed, vehicle mileage, and adjust speed levels through the APP, also quickly checkup vehicle detect faults & riding record. The Bluetooth system is compatible with Android and iOS.

Riding safety and comfort

With its 4.0-inch fat tires and dual disc brakes, Windgoo F21 Pro gets better ground friction. Even if riders cycle at night or on foggy days, the bright front light and taillight can warn other vehicles and passengers on the road to keep riding safety.

With the front hydraulic suspension, it provides a comfortable riding experience.

Easily swappable battery

Windgoo F21 Pro features 48V 12.5Ah detachable battery, which is easy to unlock and conveniently remove from the seat underneath. You can take the battery out of e-bike to charge it at home. If you just ride Windgoo F21 Pro for daily commuting, you only need to charge it once a week.

Additionally, our F21 Pro e-bike battery can be used on Windgoo E20 Pro, with the same battery specification.

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What’s in the box?



Product manual

About the F21 Pro electric bike

Product specification


Folding Size: 970x500x760mm

Unfold Size: 1700x650x1200mm


20×4.0 inch


33KG | 72.8 lbs


48V*12.5Ah lithium battery | 6.5H per charging


60-70 km

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