Windgoo F1


  • Hub Motor —  Windego F1


  • Top Speed


  • Payload Capacity

    120 kg | 264 lbs

  • Rider height

    5’1″- 6’9″

  • Riding style


  • Brake system

    Double disc brakes front and rear, mechanical brakes

  • Lighting system

    Front: Standard LED
    Rear: Integrated taillight with brake light

  • Waterproof performance


  • Smart app


  • Cruise control



Windgoo F1

About F1

Introducing the F1 Compact Retro Electric Bike – a vintage-inspired e-bike that combines style with performance. With its classic frame and retro handlebar design, it stands out from the crowd. Control your ride with the “Windgoo Smart” app, and track your mileage. Choose from three riding modes for an electric-assisted journey. The 250W brushless motor provides power and efficiency, while the removable lithium battery offers convenience. Enjoy a comfortable ride with adjustable features. Plus, benefit from premium customer service and a warranty for peace of mind. Experience the best-selling compact e-bike today!

F1 Compact Hybrid Electric Bike


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Why choose Windgoo F1?

Vintage-inspired design

Windgoo F1 electric bike design is inspired by vintage motorcycles. The classic frame and retro handlebar design stand out among the small-sized e-bikes. They are the perfect companion for your cozy daily life, and the eye-catching design will add more joy to your riding experience.

Three riding modes

Pure Electric Mode

Once you assemble the grip throttle, you press the throttle and you’ll feel the motor kick in to propel you forward.

Electric-Assisted Mode

You turn on the power, and get extra electric assistance as you pedal, with a range of 25~30 km.


Power off or when the battery runs out, you can pedal as normal cycling.

“Windgoo Smart” app

By connecting the “Windgoo Smart” APP via Bluetooth on your phone, you can easily check the vehicle speed, vehicle mileage, and adjust speed levels through the APP, also quickly checkup vehicle detect faults & riding record. The Bluetooth system is compatible with Android and iOS.

Comfortable riding journey

Windgoo F1 comes with an elongated cushioned seat for a comfortable riding experience. The flexible and body-ergonomic design is user-friendly for different heights of people. You can freely adjust the handlebar and your sitting position as you like.

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What’s in the box? Windgoo F1



Product manual

About the F1 electric bike

Product specification

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14 X 2.5 inch


26 kg | 58 lbs


36V/7.5Ah lithium battery | 4.5H full charging time


25-30 km

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