Windgoo B20 ( Pedal assist )

  • Windgoo B20
  • Up to 25/35 km Range
  • 250W Rear Hub Motor
  • 55 lbs Light Weight
  • 14×1.95 inch tires
  • Pedal assist technology
  • Sport Torque Sensor

519.99 569.99

Windgoo B20 ( Pedal assist )

About B20 Foldable Mini E-Bike

B20 is a foldable mini electric bike with both leisure and commuting functions. It’s portable, eco-friendly, and premium. Whether you’re hopping on a train or tucking it away in your apartment, the B20 effortlessly adapts to your needs.The maximum load capacity is 120kg and the maximum rider’s height is 195cm. Support smart app.

Fun and practical

Perfect for commuting and recreational rides. It has a 250W Geared Hub Motor, top speed of 25 km/h, and a range of up to 25+ or 35+ km per charge.

Simple and cool

The B20 series is popular among young people because of its simple and practical design. It can take you anywhere you want without breaking the bank, making it a viable commute for every family.

Easy to carry and store

B20 has become the most popular commuter bike because of its lightweight design, sufficient power, and can be folded into the trunk of a car to achieve a true connection to the “last mile” and help reduce the burden of commuting to and from get off work.


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