Wellness CORE Wholesome Grains Original Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food


We’re a family owned company on a passionate mission to raise the bar in pet food and give pets the gift of healthy and happy lives. Our unique CORE recipes are based on the nutritional philosophy that pets, based on their primal ancestry, thrive on a natural diet mainly comprised of meat. Each bite is packed with a high concentration of quality animal protein along with nutrient-dense superfoods, fiber-rich grains and added nutritional supplements, including taurine. This thoughtfully balanced, filler-free food provides everything your dog needs to thrive from the core.

  • – Leaner Body Mass & Muscle Tone With 80% of Protein from Animal Sources
  • – Supports a Healthy Coat With Omega Fatty Acids from Ingredients such as Flaxseed & Salmon Oil
  • – Contains NO: Meat By-Products, Fillers, Legumes, Potatoes, or Artificial Preservatives or Flavors
  • – Whole Body Health Infused with Omega Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Glucosamine & Probiotics